The Team

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Dr Dan Walters
Veterinary Surgeon

Dan joined the Willows Vet group in 2008 after working in mixed practice and worked in our Hartford hospital for 6 years before coming to Middlewich. Dan is married another vet Natalie and they have a son together. Dan has a broad-spectrum of interests including emergency medicine, surgery and cardiology. Dan has had dogs and cats most of his life.

Dr Helen Nunnerley
Veterinary Surgeon

Helen has worked at Middlewich vets for over 22 years. She has a Menagerie of pets with 2 horses, 4 dogs, 4 cats, 3 Guinea pigs, 3 fish, 1 hermit crab, 2 land snails and stick insects!

Dr Lucy Graham BVMS MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon

Lucy graduated from Glasgow Veterinary School 11 years ago and has spent her career in small animal practice, the last 3 years with Alsager Vet Centre. She particularly enjoys emergency and critical care, and feline medicine. At Alsager she is the Cat Advocate and responsible for making the practice as feline friendly as possible. At home she has 2 children, 2 hand reared slightly naughty cats and a rescued Horsefields tortoise.

Emma Penn

Emma has worked for the Willows for nearly 15 years, initially as head nurse at Hartford Hospital. She has since worked as head nurse at several of our branch practices before coming to Middlewich. Emma is qualified to train nurses and has helped many students become RVN’s. Emma has 2 young boys that take up most of her spare time. She also has 2 young cats, Lester and Lionel and 2 Guinea Pigs, Ellie and Reta. Emma has bred and shown Bearded Collies in the past.

Jan Gibbs
Auxiliary Nurse

Jan has worked at Middlewich for 22 years as an auxiliary nurse. Over the years Jan has gained a lot of experience and has been responsible for the laboratory, stock control and various nursing responsibilities. She has a Golden Retriever called Buster

Carol Morton

Carol has been a receptionist here for 6 years and has naturally taken on the role of organising the reception team, and helping to train new recruits. Carol has 3 dogs; a Weimeraner, a Westie and a Cross-Breed.

Gemma O’Sullivan

Gemma has been a receptionist here for over 2 years. She enjoys meeting clients and their pets and has a labrador called Ben, a cat called Rosie and 2 Guinea pigs as well as 2 children.

Vicky Marshall

Vicky worked at our main hospital in hartford for 11 years before transferring to Middlewich. Vicky has a tan and white Jack Russell called Archie. he is 9 years old and loves sitting on knees!

Sarah Lander

Sarah has a naughty Chihuahua called Nala, a Jack Russell called Buddie and an American Bulldog called Bella.

Natalie Bushell

Natalie has a flat faced Persian cat called Miss Phoebe. She is a rescue cat and is about 13 years old.